Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Thus Far..... =)

First I would like to ask all my readers to help the NF community in an event that will be taking place in the Tampa Bay area. Please click on the link at the end of my post and join! If you would like more information, you may contact me via email: avelasquez011@gmail.
Happy 2014 to all!! I know I am 15 days late in wishing everyone a happy new year but.... better late than never I say.... right?
Alright, so as usual life has thrown me a curve ball, and it took me a while to recover myself because my goals and plans shifted a little. My last post was all about my pending graduation from USF in May of 2014, but USF had other plans for me, and so I graduated in December with my BA in psychology with a minor in sociology. I have officially been thrown into the real world and at times feel like a headless chicken running all around.  I've spent the first 15 days of 2014 looking for a job... I know I'll find one I just need to keep at it and not give up... kind of how I have lived my entire life!!
Having NF has taught me that life is constantly changing and that one must adjust to the changes because it makes life a lot more enjoyable. For the longest time I believed that having NF would stop me from pursuing my goals and living a healthy life, but now I realize that instead of fighting and shunning my NF I should use it to my advantage. That is why I want to work with families and children that have NF or any other disorder that makes life a little more challenging; I want to encourage children to live life and embrace their NF or any other disorder because that is the first step to having a healthy and happy life. I want to encourage parents to never give up on their child and to NOT listen to everything that the experts say because if my parents had listened to the experts, I would not be writing this post today.
So to finish this post off, I would just like to say that thus far 2014 has been great!! I have my health, my family, the best friends any gal can ask for and an amazing boyfriend that tells me every day how beautiful I am.
2014 started off with a bang, and I know it gets better!! I can say because I am participating in my first event with Children's Tumor Foundation and it will not be the last.

Please click on the link and join the amazing individuals that are fighting to find a cure for NF!! Join a team and participate, spread the word, or make a small donation.

Thanks for reading!