Friday, September 27, 2013


Just a small sample of my poems =) Hope you guys enjoy them!! I had more, but since my last computer decided to never work again, I lost ALL my poems!! :'( So I found these poems, and decided to publish them on here) 

Yeah,I write poetry too... and what!

Betrayed by her emotions
Driven by passion
 She found herself lost
Unable to breath
Her lungs collapsing
Her heart losing strength
She curled up
Closed her eyes- and
Said good-bye
Smiles replaced by a somber presence
Her laughter was silenced by her tears
 Now, Weaken and lifeless
She had unknowingly forgotten who she was
And was now lost, unable to find herself again
Betrayed by emotions
Driven by passion
And now dead

It’s a new day
A fresh new start
Today, I feel liberated
I am finally free
Today is the first day-
My rebirth-after your departure
Flying high
In search of a new landing
A new home for my soul
A new chapter has begun
I have let you go
Leaving you in the past
Wrapping our story up with a final note
“I thank you for being you;
The one that discovered, the beauty
Hidden within me and for letting it out.
I thank you for being you ; for being my first love.”