Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mi Mama Me Mima

 My mom is great. I know, every child believes their mother is great, but not every child has a mother like mine. My mom also has Neurofibromatosis, she was diagnosed when she was a teenager. Unlike me, she has not had to have multiple surgeries on account of her NF. However, she does have a lot more fibromas than I; but she also did have three kids by the time she was my age.

I asked my mom once if she would have had children if she knew that her NF would have been affected. Her response was simple. She said, "Yes."  I've also asked my mom if she would have still had me if she would have known that my NF would be more complicated. Again, her response was was simple. Once more she said, "Yes."

My mom has been by my side during all my surgeries. She is always the first person I ask for after waking up from an eight-hour surgery. She has slept on uncomfortable hospital beds and ate yucky hospital food all to be by my side. She has nursed me back to health when I have been sick. She has even removed stitches from my index finger.

My mom is great. She has done a fantastic job raising my brothers and me. She has taught me to never allow myself to believe that I am incapable of accomplishing my goals due to having NF. My mom is a beautiful, smart and talented woman that I one day hope to become. She is by far one of the strongest women I have had the privilege of knowing. After overcoming a divorce and financial difficulties, she is now graduating with her Master's degree in Counseling! I am proud to call her my mother!

Te amo Mima !

Friday, May 1, 2015

To My Brothers... Thank You !

When I was four my brother Andrés advised me to hit a bully over the head with my lunchbox. When I was seven, my brother Fransisco took me by the hand while pulling a boy by the arm to the vice principles office for being a bully. These are my brothers, always protecting me and making sure I am happy, smiling, and laughing.

I am the youngest of three, but I feel as if  I am the baby sister of ten brothers. My brother's friends have always treated me as their little sister and even now, at the age of 27, all of my ten brothers will do anything in their power to make sure that their little sister is happy, smiling, and laughing. 

Andrés being six years older than me has always had the ideal words to use whenever I am feeling upset with myself for having NF. He has this uncanny ability to turn any situation around by just saying, " Are you kidding me, Angela Lucia, you are letting that _____ (input curse word here) put you down? Do not let ______ waste you time. You know better than that." Yeah, I know it sounds like his punishing me for letting some ignorant idiot put me down. But in reality he is right; I allow people to put me down when I should not. 

Fransisco is only 18 months older than me. Therefore we went to school together. Hence, he has had to stand-up for me many many times. Fransisco has always been one of my biggest hero's because he has always protected me. In my eyes, he has also saved my life twice. When I was eight, I experienced two episodes of grand mal seizures. During my first episode, my brother and I were curled up in bed with our grandmother. She was telling us a bed time story.The next thing I remember my entire family was gathered around me and an EMT was kneeling next to me. I later found out that my brother ran to my dad whom is medically trained when my grandmother noticed I was not breathing. A few months later I had another episode, this time I remember waking up in the hospital. Again, my brother acted fast by calling 911 while my dad held me as I had my second seizure. 

Both my brothers have been a significant influence in my life. I would not be the woman I am today if it were not for them. They never treated me different or special for having NF or looking different. In fact, I grew up horsing around with them, rolling on the floor laughing due to tickle wars or just because. My brothers have always made me feel proud to be their sister, even when we argue and not get into stupid silly sibling fights. 

Thank you, brothers, for all that you do! 
Love you !!!