Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Lunchbox Incident

Disclaimer: I do not advocate for violent behavior... but sometimes a girl's gotta defend herself( please do not repeat my behavior).

I've been wanting to tell the lunch box story for the longest time because it was the first instance in my life that I experienced being bullied, and the first time I  stood up for myself... now was it the most ideal way to defend myself? To be honest with you, yeah, it was!!!
This story has to do with bullying and how four year old me decided to handle and forever stop my bully from ever making fun of me again. My classmate decided that for some reason or another she did not like me and so she teased me every day and threaten to hit me with her father's belt, she would also bite and pinch me. At the age of four, I was being severely bullied by another four year old!
My mother being a teacher at the same school and being acutely aware of the situation spoke not only to my teacher but also with the principal of the school and the school's psychologist; nothing ever happened, and the bullying continued. One day after school my two older brothers and I were having a snack after school. My mom was in the kitchen, and the three of us were at the dinner table. According to my mother ( being four I do not recall all the details, but my mom does, and she filled me in on them). I was telling my brothers about my day and how this bully was treating me; my eldest brother then suggested that if I wanted to stop being bullied that I needed to hit her on the head with my lunchbox. My other brother then chimed in and agreed with our eldest brother; and of course, who is going to question the advice of a sibling? Especially when the information comes from both your older and wiser brothers.
Now my mother heard the entire conversation, but she didn't say anything because she never thought in a million years that I would take any action....- but boy was she ever wrong!!
So the very next day... before placing my lunch box on the shelf outside the classroom, I called over the victim, and as she stood in front of me, I took my lunchbox and hit her with it over the head. As she stood there crying, I placed my lunchbox on the rack and entered the classroom as if nothing had happened. Ironically, I got in trouble for defending myself against my bully, while she never once got in trouble for treating me so cruelly.  After the incident, my mom was called to a meeting about my behavior.
In retrospect, I acknowledge that I could have severely injured her with my lunchbox into becoming a sweet-nice-caring human being; but I shall never know because we moved to the USA before she fully recovered from the shock of me having the final laugh! 

Hope you got a good laugh out of my story.