Friday, February 26, 2016

Getting NAKED for Charity ( Party 3)

My crazy cousin's video about her experience at this year's Cupid's Undie Run!! Worth a watch!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cupid's Undie Run ( Part 2)

photo by Kimberly Norman
The second annual St.Petersburg Cupid's Undie Run was a total success! St. Pete raised $75,400! Can I get a "Whoop Whoop!" 
Once again the fabulous Katherine was the ringmaster for Cupid's Undie Run. This event would not have been the huge success that it was, if it were not for this tenacious wife and mother of three. For Katherine NF hits close to home. Her middle child was diagnosed when she was an infant. Like Katherine, many of the participants are affected by NF. 
Some are directly affected like myself and my teammate Catie, while other are indirectly affected like the rest of my teammates.
photo by Kimberly Norman

 I would like to take the the time now to thank my teammates for joining Angela's Cherubs. You guys cannot begin to imagine how happy and loved I felt on Saturday. I know you could have done anything else, but you chose me! To Chantal and Alexa, my co-works and friends; my cousins, Cat and Carolina; Catie, my teammate; and William, thank you for spending time with my crazy-hyper self!
To my loving and supportive boyfriend, you are my lucky charm, and I love you endlessly! Finally, thank you to Liz and my mom, I know you were not able to make it to the run, but your spirits were with me! I know next year Angela's Cherubs will be attending, maybe even with new faces. 
photo by Joseph Meier

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Getting NAKED for Charity!

My cousin Caro and me talking about Cupid's Undie Run. Hope you enjoy watching our video as much as we enjoyed making it!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Cupid's Undie Run (Part 1)

Next Saturday the 13th of February I will be participating in the second annual St. Petersburg Cupid's Undie Run. I will be running in my undies for a worthy cause. The donations will go towards research to help find a cure for NF.
Now to some being in their teeny-tines is no big deal. But when your body is being taken over by fibromas it is very different. As I have shared in Fibromas and Showing Skin it has become a challenge for me to feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I was not always so self -conscious but unfortunately the more fibromas I see, the less I want to show off my body. Of course, Joe tells me that I am beautiful and that I don't have more fibromas. Maybe he is right, and I do not have more fibromas, and it is all in my head. Or maybe I do have more. Maybe he just does not see them because he does not focus on them like I do.
Still, I will be in my teeny-tines on Saturday the 13th of February. 
I am even more excited because I have a team!!! I will be joined by an amazing group of gals and gents!! I am pleased and thankful for my very brave teammates. Angela's Cherubs is composed of two other gorgeous women that also have NF. One of them being my mom. The rest of the team is comprised of the great people that will not hesitate to fight off bullies.
If you have not joined Angela's Cherubs or donated you still can!!! Remember, this is a great cause!! We all want a world free of NF!! 

I will write post- cupid's Run post after the race. =) 

ANGELA'S CHERUBS   thank you for your gracious donations!!