Saturday, January 16, 2016

Just a Working Class Girl with NF

Two months after graduating college, I was hired as an intervention specialist for the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. In March, I will celebrate my two year anniversary. Although stressful and emotionally draining, I can honestly say that I love my job!!! I say this with complete and utter honesty.
I worked in retail for six years in two major stores prior to having this job. These jobs taught me how to have patience with both coworkers and customers. I learned to bite my tongue and to tolerate those that live in blissful ignorance. These two jobs made me realize just how strong I really am. I encountered people from all walks of life.

Despite having had customers that made fun of me, stared, pointed and even laughed at my face, it has never deterred me from wanting to work. Not even the time a woman pointed, laughed and said, "You are F***ing ugly."

Neurofibromatosis affects everyone differently. In my case, NF has mostly changed my facial bones and right eye. I was told
by many that I would not be able to find a job unless I wore an eye patch (check out The Patch..... and Eye Patch Part 2  for further reading). I have never worn an eye patch at any of my jobs.

I work because I can. My NF has not stopped or prevented me from obtaining a job. Yes, I see from one eye, have mild dyslexia and have horrible spatial perception. Nonetheless, I am more than willing to go to work each day.
For me, there is no greater gratification than knowing that I earned a paycheck. May it be big or small, I deserved it!