Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!!

Since it's the eve of Halloween, it only seems fair that I write about the holiday that has not always been my favorite. When I was younger, I was all for Halloween, but surprisingly as I have gotten older I have grown to dislike October 31st very very much!!  As a kid, I would dress up with my brothers and go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood; our parents would often drive us to the 'rich' neighborhoods because they would give out the king sized candy bars and have best Halloween decorations. I actually have awesome childhood memories filled with home made costumes, trading candy with my brothers and going parties.
It wasn't until I became older that I started disliking this holiday. I think I started hating Halloween because as I grew up, it all changed. I was no longer going door-to-door asking for candy but actually going to parties. It's funny how it was never the kids that were rude and mean comments but the adults.I go to parties and want to leave right away because adults are plain evil at times.
The comments are always in the form of a compliment, or so they think. What people usually say is " Wow, excellent makeup!", or " Oh, wow, how did you manage to do that cool eye makeup?"
I know I shouldn't let these comments affect me, but I can't help but it if it does, especially when all I want is to have a good time out with my friends.
Last year, I went to a bar with a girlfriend and decided not to dress up as it was a last minute decision; Surprisingly enough I only had one person come up to me and comment about my 'face makeup, ' and since the music was blaring loud I didn't let it affect me. Nonetheless, I rather stay home than my other alternative(s). And despite having very loving and supportive friends and family members, prefer to avoid encounters such as the ones I have experienced because in reality they do affect me.