Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Being single in 2017

So it has been a little over 3 months since my breakup. Three months may not seem like a lot, but after three years and going from seeing him every day to nothing, that my friends is not easy. The first two weeks of my breakup I was surrounded by so much support that I did not fully digest the fact that the person I called boyfriend... no longer was... my boyfriend. By the third week my break-up became old news and even though I still had ( and still have) an amazing support system it no was longer a priority topic of conversation.

When Joe and I first broke up, I only told my innermost circle; my mom, brothers, and two or three very close friends. One of my brothers let my dad know, who then approached me. I reached out to my Aunt Andrea and her wife, Vane. I needed to speak to people that would encourage me with my decision and would validate my feelings, but at the same time would tell me to not look back and that everything in actuality would be OK.

I never ran to Facebook or Instagram to announce my break-up nor did I send text messages to all my contacts updating them of my "relationship status." I kept it quiet because it was personal and I needed time to mourn in private. The Monday after the break-up I went to work and surprisingly I held it together. I spoke with the administrative team for two reasons: one, I needed to let them know because I knew I was not myself and I needed them to be aware of what was going on; two, they needed to know that there was no reason for Joe to be on the property because he no longer was my transportation. That is it.

As time has passed, I have shared more about my break-up. Some people are just now finding out after the fact. Interestingly enough, I have learned that people are a lot more shocked that I was not "as open" with my breakup as I "should have been." Well, I am so sorry that I did not tell Facebook right away... yeah, right!
So it is April 2017, and I am single.  I am still figuring out who I am and what I now want. I am not worried about a future boyfriend because when the time comes, will meet him. Right now I am just focusing on me!